Nicholas Alan Yandell is a Portland, Oregon-based composer, 

musician, writer, & visual artist. Musically, he specializes in composing film scores, contemporary classical concert works, post-rock, and electronic music. He has composed or collaborated on a number of scores for short films and film projects and has had works performed by such artists as the Pyxis Quartet (with Oregon Symphony percussionist Sergio Carreno), the Delgani String Quartet, and Oregon Symphony cellist Marilyn De Olivera. He holds a Masters of Music Composition and a Bachelor of Music from Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY, and has been named the 2020 Composer of the Year by the Oregon Music Teacher’s Association (OMTA). 

     In the visual realm, he creates “Extant Art” or art that focuses on what remains after the “stripping away” process, often layered with themes of catharsis and sanctification. Visually, this idea is expressed in the breaking down of images to their simple lines and shapes, adding limited, often stark, contrasting colors, and backgrounds that interact with the images. The most recent set of self-portraits focuses on the substance of self after the erosion of the physical and emotional surface. 


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