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Works for Strings


At the Edge of Unknown Op. 61 for solo violin (2021)


Restless/Release (music from isolation) Op. 58 for solo cello (2020)

Restless/Release (music from isolation) Op. 58 for solo viola (2020)


Out of the Shadows Op. 57 for solo cello (2020)


A Quiet Place in the Rain Op. 55 for harp and cello (2020) {buy sheet music}

Desert Sunrise, Desert Rain Op. 54 for violin duo (2019)


Crisis Actor Op. 49 {Text by Micah Fletcher} for string quartet, percussion, and reader/bell (2018)

 Nightsong for the Runaways Op. 33 for viola duo (2015)


From the Ashes of Empires (Eventide's Lament) Op. 30 for string quartet (2014; arrangement 2020)

Song of Solace Op. 29 for solo cello (2014) [score video]


The Bewitching Hour Op. 28 for string quartet {Written with Alex Fulton} ( 2011; revised 2014)


Of City and Nature Op. 27 for solo cello (2014) [score video]


And the Surface Breaks... Op. 26 for solo cello (2013)

Ephemeron Op. 19 for string quartet {3 Movements} (2011; revised 2017)

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