Miscellaneous Instrumentation:




Uncanny Valley Op. 59 for accordion, toy piano, & acoustic guitar (2021)


Rise Up (From the Stony Ground) Op. 46 for soprano saxophone, viola, & piano (2018)

Rise Up (From the Stony Ground) Op. 46 for clarinet, viola, & piano (2018)


Like Spiders Across the Stars Op. 30 for ukulele and mandolin (2015)


From the Ashes of Empires (Eventide's Lament) Op. 25 for violin, vibraphone, accordion (2014)


Two Drifting Comrades Op. 20 for 2 tenor voices, piano, electric guitar, electric bass, drum set, accordion, mandolin, & 2 horns (2013; revised 2017)


Red Sky Morning Op. 18 {written with Alex Fulton} for acoustic guitar and accordion (2012, revised 2015)


Wide-eyed in the Neon Light Op. 11 for piano, trumpet, bass trombone, percussion (2009, revised 2014)


Rollicking in the Rockies Op. 5 for mandolin, acoustic guitar & contrabass (2007)

Pastiche Op. 2 for electric guitar, piano, flute, violin, viola, cello, and contrabass (2006)