"dilate; elucidate." Live performance.
"Desire for the Sacred" concert; 2017.
Performed by Dan Miller.
"Wide-eyed in the Neon Light". Live performance, "Cascadia Hits on the World" concert, 2015. Performed by Florian Conzetti (percussion), Parkpoom Aempoo (trumpet), Lars Campbell (trombone), Ben Milstein (piano).
"And the Surface Breaks...". 
Live performance, "Watermark" concert, 2014.
Performed by Diane Chaplin (cello).
"Eventide's Lament". Live performance.
"Cascadia Ventures Forth" concert; 2015.
Performed by Kiren Moorty (accordion), Florian Conzetti (vibraphone), Casey Bozell (violin).
Excerpt from "Triangle" film, 2012
Excerpt from "Still Meadows" film, 2012
"Hymn of Daybreak for Horn and Organ". Live performance, "Desire for the Sacred" concert, 2017. Performed by
Cheryl Young (organ) and Kurt Heichelheim (horn).
Excerpt from "Chronal" film, 2013.
"Street Sounds". Live performance.
"Contagious Inflections" concert, 2011. Performed by
Barbara Heilmair (clarinet) and Cary Lewis (piano).

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